Monday, December 19, 2005

Not in the mood

My parents are visiting and cleaning, repairing, and altering pretty much everything in my house. On one hand I am grateful that these things are being done. On the other hand they are things I don't really care all that much about. Which is why they haven't been done already. On the third hand it makes me feel kind of irresponsible and childish to have my parents doing this stuff. But there's no stopping them without hurting their feelings so I just have to suck it up and let 'em go at it.

Also today my friend Mike had what has been described as a severe breakdown and has been admitted to a psychiatric facility for observation. This is the kind of place where they take away your shoelaces so you don't kill yourself. He's had a lot of bad stuff happen in his life in the last 3 years so I suppose that a little meltdown is not surprising.

Anyway, I am not in the mood to post anything. Except this, of course.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Say, are you trying to tell me something?

The other day I got a letter from my mother containing a couple hundred bucks and a note saying that she thought it would be nice for me to have my house professionally cleaned. Now, my mother can be pretty subtle so there's probably some kind of message here. I can't see it though, I think that she really thought I would enjoy receiving this service. The fact that my parents are coming out here for Christmas is purely coincidental I am sure.

No matter, the fact is that I am happy to have it done. As some of my friends will probably confirm in the comments section, I have a more tolerant view of when something absolutely NEEDS to be cleaned than most. Oh well, it's not like I have lots of visitors. Of course, it may be that I don't have a lot of visitors because my house is messy. Chicken or the egg, I guess.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Please don't read this, it's lame. Seriously.

Today I took my car in to the shop for some body work. You might recall, my faithful readers, that a while back I wrote about attending a memorial party for my friend John. While I was up there his widow backed into my car and scraped the paint on both passenger doors and knocked the mirror off. No problem, she immediately told me about it and gave me her insurance info. I call them and they send me to a body shop to see their adjuster. No problems so far.

I get to the shop and there is a guy standing behind a car with the insurance companies name on the side. He's messing with some sort of instruments in the trunk. Naturally I assumed this was the guy I'm supposed to see so I go over to him and say "I assume you're the guy I'm supposed to see." He tells me that he is not and directs me to go inside and talk to Gus. OK, so Gus must be another guy from the insurance company, right? I talk to Gus and he looks at the damage and takes some pictures and gives me an estimate: $1380. Seems like a lot to me but I've never had any body work done so I what do I know? Plus, I'm not paying for it anyway.

That was Monday. Come Friday and I still haven't heard anything. So I call and they ask me whether I kept my appointment because they never got any paperwork. So I tell them what I told you and they say that they can either reschedule me for another appointment or try to figure out what went wrong. I patiently explain to them that I have already taken a couple hours vacation time and used the gasoline ($3.20/gal. at that time) to drive across town so I figure I'm out fifty bucks already and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend any more. They agree that that might be a little much to ask and say they will try to find out what went wrong. They promise to call back later in the day.

By Tuesday it is obvious that they are not going to call. So I call them and they claim that I did not call them on Friday since there is no mention of it on the computer. So we go through the whole thing again, and again I am told that they will find out what went wrong and call me later. They didn't call. This time I don't wait and call them first thing in the morning. All they know is that they don't have anybody named Gus, other than that they know nothing.

OK, guys, I was all riled up when I started this but I have lost steam and will now just wrap this pointless post up for you. Gus was the manager of the body shop. The adjuster called out sick that day but I was not contacted. No one ever was able to determine who the guy at the insurance company car was. It took them three weeks to straighten the mess out and cut me a check. The check is for 250 bucks more than the original estimate. Near as I can tell their guy never asked Gus for the actual estimate and based the award solely on the pictures Gus took of the damage. So I might end up making some money on the deal but that just makes them seem all the more incompetent.

Ok, I'm done whining. And I apologize profusely to anyone who ignored my warning and read this piece of crap.